Girl II

by Isaiah Pharaoh

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released January 26, 2014



all rights reserved


20/20 Charlotte, North Carolina


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Track Name: Girl II
Couple disess
Couple years
Couple kissses
Still not my misses
Really think You trippin
I'm balling like Scottie pippin
And you ain't even down to listen

Girl got me down
Little depressed
School got me stressed
Worrying passing
These last couple test
Got distracted
when I saw you in that dress
We could be kanye and Kim
talking bout the west

Before I start this you left your boy heartless

Had to find a side piece
the way things was going never thought you'd be feeling me
First day like who is he
And Eww why me
Like word I just
Wanted to be friends if you haven't heard
Hopped in the car then I swerved
Later down line found it was my time
Cause I was in line didnt even know
She could been the one a but
I blow it
That gose to show
Don't trust these (Censor)
At the end of the day they won't be up there at your shoes
Designing clothes
Scoring films
Producing for lauren hill
Making music to get the meal
Its funny

Before I start this you left your boy heartless

Sitting here all sad
Crying like I miss dad
Aren't I glad
I messed up what we had
Thinking bout you
Living forever fountain of youth
No need for proof
That's why I'm in the booth
Doing a song about you
You don't understand how you changed my world
You was team
On my mind all the time
You know what I mean

Come back please

(Free Verse)